Russian Collusion is the Headline of the Day

Russian Collusion is the Headline of the Day

All of us prefer to be focusing on family, kids, work, and when planning our savings and money, we would like to focus on the best ways to grow and protect our wealth. We get our news from sources catered to our beliefs, and the credibility of the legacy news corporations has been decimated over the last several years, and specifically during the 2016 presidential election. But, there is no escaping the Trump-Russian Collusion headlines.

In our live online event last month – “Investing in the Era of Trump” – we pointed out that no matter what the news reports, our stock market just keeps going up.  And it does, even with investigations into the White House and new revelations almost daily, our market seems immune to the bad news which piles up daily.

Despite the market’s success, and the numbness we have towards the “everything Trump” media, it is important to reflect and discuss these critical issues which do impact governance, and in turn, ultimately, the marketplace.  That means looking at the news from the Special Counsel’s (Robert Mueller) investigation into Russian influence on the American Presidential election.

I. What the Special Counsel Has Investigated and Discovered So Far:

  1. Trump-Russian collusion to steal the U.S. Presidential election. After 7 months and millions of dollars spent, the investigation has turned up ZERO evidence of collusion.  To watch or read mainstream media, you would think we not only have evidence, but we should have already had a trial and conviction.  But the indictments so far reflect lobbying efforts by Paul Manafort in 2012 and earlier, nothing related to the president.
  2. Manafort worked with Democrat lobbyist Tony Podesta on political consulting contracts in Ukraine. Failure to register as a foreign lobbyist… funneling cash (allegedly laundering) money through off-shore accounts… short-term Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort did work as a consultant for political groups in Ukraine starting in the early 2000s, and had ties to shadowy Russian businessmen.  By itself, this would make for a cheap paperback spy thriller.  In reality, the political work he did was ENCOURAGED by the U.S. government over the years to advance the inter-networking of global trade and finance.  Manafort did this not through Trump, but with leading Democrat lobbyist Tony Podesta, whose brother was campaign chair for Hilary Clinton!  The charges now are the Al Capone charges – they will go after his money to find tax evasion or some other financial crime.  But to date – no evidence exists that involves Trump. All of the indictments reflect work done prior to joining the Trump campaign.
  3. No election interference found so far. Zero, zilch.  It is possible we will still see some low-level Trump campaign staffer with emails to a Russian trying to set up a meeting.  We already have that with George Papadopoulos, a low-level staffer who made numerous attempts to connect the Trump campaign with Russian intel figures, in the hopes that they had negative news on Hilary Clinton.  Opposition research is expected in any campaign, but it would be problematic of accepted from foreign governments knowingly hostile to the United States.  But that is not the case here – the media seems to forget to report that Trump’s legal team rebuffed Papadopoulos’s requests, and Manafort specifically stated in an email, “we are not meeting with them.”  Votes changed, voters affected… there is NO evidence that Russian attempts to interfere with the election included infiltrating Team Trump, or that they succeeded in any plans to shift votes towards Trump.  As it is, this would be nearly impossible in America, where information is more freely dispersed than anywhere else.  The hair stylist in Youngstown, OH didn’t vote because Putin told her to.

II. What the Special Counsel SHOULD be Investigating:

  1. Uranium One sale to Russia. Uranium One is a Canadian company whose majority ownership is controlled by Russian interests.  They have now ownership of 20% of known U.S. uranium reserves.  Remember Charlie Trie anyone?  Name doesn’t ring a bell?  He was a Clinton bundler who went to jail for illegal campaign donations to Clinton’s 1996 Presidential campaign.  He laundered millions into the country from China.  Shortly after the inaugural, the Loral Satellite Corporation, a Clinton donor, illegally sold U.S. satellite designs to a Chinese firm.  It was also then discovered that Clinton advisors had failed to report the theft of U.S. nuclear designs by the Chinese through a double agent named Wen Ho Lee.  Now, in the first term of the Obama Administration, Bill Clinton received hundreds of millions of dollars in payments to his Foundation, and a few months later, the Obama Administration agrees, with Hilary’s approval, to a deal that will ship 20% of our annual Uranium production to Russia.  This is not shadowy collusion – this is out in the open activity which threatens our very national security.  And as the record reflects, these actions are not new.  How there have not been arrests made on this subject is simply astonishing.
  2. Politicizing the government as a weapon against US citizens. The IRS belatedly admitted they profiled conservative citizens and are now agreeing to settlements with those groups.  This is a welcome admission, although more firings were needed, and the primary culprits should have to forfeit some of their retirement or face some legal reckoning for their actions.  But this was just one of many actions under the previous administration where U.S. citizens were targeted by the government that supposedly works for them:  remember James Rosen being investigated and wire tapped?  The AP wire services were also tapped.  Now we have the entire government searching for ways to up-end the Trump Administration.  The FBI paid for the “Steele Dossier” –  which sought negative news on Trump and his campaign and turned out to be nothing more than salacious rumors and misinformation.  The Dossier itself was originally commenced by a conservative paper, the Washington Free Beacon, but then was employed to the fullest extent by Hilary Clinton’s law firm Perkins Coie. Administration officials “unmasked” the names of U.S. citizens in intercepted communications… the scale and scope of government actions against our own citizens should be the subject of any and all investigations at this time.
  3. The real collusion may have been committed by the previous Administration.  New START with no verification requirements… promise of nuclear modernization never occurred… INF Treaty violated by Russia – but no report of it to the public and no consequences… “tell Vladimir to give me some space, this is my last election” open mic comments… Uranium One… America was at risk to collusion with Russian actors for many years, yet it wasn’t Trump that was in charge.

 It would take more than our weekly blog to deconstruct all the vast allegations surrounding the Russian Collusion case.  And as we see, the actual evidence we have points to the Clinton team and the previous administration more than it does Trump.  Either way, we are living through a very serious time with serious risks for your money.

The stock market appears to be immune to all the events surrounding us, but history tells us the market will correct. It’s only a matter of time. There are ways to preserve, protect and grow your wealth in this uncertain environment. Our advisors help people do that every single day…  Call now to learn more at 877-912-1919








Trump Presidency: Wall, Repeal, Tax Reform

The Trump Presidency remains embattled, and a lot of it has to do with his tweeting and ad hoc management style. But most of it has to do with assaults from the media and Democrats in D.C.


None of that, however, should be preventing the president from enacting his agenda.  That falls squarely on Congress, and specifically his own party – the Republicans.


Despite an inept Congress and assaults from every corner, Trump has followed through on several campaign promises:


1)            Rolling back Obama-era regulations, specifically EPA over-reach.

2)            Nominated a true conservative to the Supreme Court in Neil Gorsuch – whose votes have already been recognized as a victory by Conservatives.

3)            Began strictly enforcing our border laws.

4)            Re-affirmed our position of strength in Asia and specifically with North Korea.

5)            Removed us from the Paris Climate Accord.  Even if you support policies to help prevent Climate Change, the Paris Accord was nothing more than a money grab from the taxpayers, with unenforceable guidelines. Additionally, China – the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases – not having to comply until 2030.  The Accord was a joke, and not in U.S. interests.  We have already lowered our emissions more than any other industrial power over the last 20 years.


This change of direction is welcome and needed for American interests abroad, and for our expectations here at home.  But these successes are limited, and the broader Trump agenda remains in limbo.  There are three policy areas where Trump must succeed if he is to keep his promises and ensure he keeps his base in 2020.


3 Critical “Must-Haves” on the Trump Agenda:

  1. Build the Wall. Nothing represents the Trump candidacy more than his commitment to build a wall on our southern border.  Make no mistake, net migration is down, and many illegal immigrants are returning home.  Just the commitment to enforce the law has resulted in a massive downturn in illegal immigration, so much so that the head of the Border Patrol union was quoted as saying it was nothing short of “miraculous.”  However, the wall was a key component of the Trump agenda, and some would argue the most important.  Mexico may not pay for it, but not building it would be a major disappointment for Trump supporters.  While a wall covering the entire border was always going to be impractical, increased barriers, more wall construction, and fencing – combined with increased border patrol staff and a commitment to enforcing the rule of law, and Trump supporters will be very satisfied.
  2. Repeal Obamacare. After the media scare tactics, the public remembers that before Obamacare no one in America died in the streets.  Most polling in 2007 suggested that over 90% of the public had some form of coverage: employer based insurance, privately held coverage, or a government plan (Medicare and Medicaid).  The Republicans did not campaign on “…repeal and replace,” that is a recent phenomenon.  Republicans told the voters and campaigned on the fact that they would “repeal” Obamacare.  They own the House, the Senate, and the White House.  It will be a failure of epic proportions if they cannot pass a repeal bill, and it will reverberate at the polls in 2018 and beyond.  A vote will be held this week, and all eyes are on the Senate.  Repealing Obamacare is a fundamental tenet of Republican orthodoxy – while Trump cannot force a vote and he needs Congress to take action, failure will be a bitter pill for base supporters to swallow.
  3. Reagan-styled Tax Reform. Part of the campaign platform, Reagan-styled tax reform would be an economic game changer.  Trump’s “fair trade” commitments were perhaps a more recognizable and important part of his campaign promises and platform, but true tax reform has the chance to truly “Make America Great Again!”  The public doesn’t realize we have not had actual “tax reform” since 1986, when the Reagan “Tax Reform Act of 1986” was passed through Congress.  When rates have gone up or down, or like with the Bush cuts of 2001 and 2003, they have been passed through reconciliation, and therefore they have not been permanent.  With all levers of Congress controlled by the Republicans, Trump has a chance to pass meaningful tax reform that can flatten rates, shrink the code, and make the tax system more equitable and fair to middle class voters.  GDP growth that would come from flattened tax rates will significantly increase jobs and wages.


Fair Trade, budgets, military and defense spending… all this and much more was and is part of the Trump Agenda.  Sadly, our politics have become more like farce than the serious affairs of a great power.  Trump’s style and the media’s assault have continued the paralysis in D.C., and Congress has been inept in their first 6 months of the Trump Administration.


BUT… if Trump and Congress can pass these three items on the agenda, it would go a long way in lowering the temperature in D.C., and satisfying the primary expectations of Trump’s base of support.  These three items are “must-haves” for the public and the Administration.  The country is not tired of “winning” … it is looking forward to it.

Trump Wins Post Election

4 Ways Trump is Winning Post Election

The constant, unrelenting narrative from the mainstream media has been to assault President Trump, his family, his record, his agenda, and to help the so-called “resistance” in resisting all things Trump. Whether you love or hate Trump, we have never seen the circumstances we are living through today. It is unprecedented.   A free and democratic society requires an unbiased press corps; however, that seems to be something we no longer have.


Presidents of both parties have often faced a media that was neutral at a minimum, and in many cases hostile to their presidency.  But even in those eras of hostility the journalistic profession adhered closely to their standards and ethics.  That is not the case today.


Getting some points on the board, much less wins, would be considered a victory for the Trump Administration given the toxic environment in D.C.  Yet all of a sudden that is exactly what has happened.  Is this a turning point, or just a brief pause in the media assault?


4 wins Trump has on the board this week:


1)            Supreme Court rules in favor of the Travel Ban.  A five country ban was based on the president’s plenary power to secure the borders and to rule on who can enter the U.S.  Liberal judges in several courts, most notably the 9th Circuit in California, ruled against the ban with no legal basis for their ruling other than it discriminated against Muslims.  The basis of the ban was the 5 countries did not have functioning governments that could properly vet who was leaving and heading to America.  It was a unanimous ruling to remove the lower court stay, and a full hearing to come in the fall.  While conservatives and actual lawyers knew the ruling was inevitable, it certainly helped to change the media narrative.  Victory: TRUMP!

2)            CNN forced to retract false story, fire journalists.  Thomas Frank, an award-winning journalist, wrote an article connecting Trump campaign operatives with a Russian bank.  The problem was, none of it was true.  CNN retracted the stories and fired the staff involved (although a later story changed the description of “firing” to “accepted their resignation”).  This comes on the heels of correcting their on-air story from Jake Tapper in early June that James Comey would testify that he would contradict the president.  False.  The media is essentially proving to the public they are dishonest.  This strengthens the Trump Administration.  Victory: TRUMP!

3)            CNN Producer caught on tape admitting the Russia stories are made up.  More Project Veritas videos from James O’Keefe were released showing CNN producers admitting the Russia connection to Trump has no evidence. They do it for ratings and Trump is right to call the whole process a “witch-hunt.”  While this does not end the on-going investigations into everything Trump, and is therefore not the “spike the football” type victory as written above, it is certainly a victory nonetheless.  Victory: TRUMP!

4)            Down goes Ossoff…. Down goes Ossoff.  As has been shared at nauseum for the last two weeks, Democrat Jon Ossoff lost to Republican Karen Handle in the special election for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District.  On the surface, this is Newt Gingrich’s seat. It had been safely Republican since 1978, voter registration in the district favored Republicans, and Ossoff was a novice who did not even live in the District.  BUT, Trump only won the district by 1.5 points. Handel was a career local politician and lacked the fervor of the conservative base. She was out-spent by $8 million in what would become the most expensive House race in history, and there was all that anti-Trump rage the pollsters kept talking about.  Remember them – the pollsters?  The same pollsters who predicted the outcome of the 2016 Presidential race????  So, when the media and Hollywood proclaim the district winnable, and polls tell you he’s neck and neck or leading down to the wire, and yet the Republican still wins… that is an UNDENIABLE win for President Trump.  Victory: TRUMP!


In the end, Trump has made things more difficult for himself due to his unconventional style, and no doubt the delay on critical agenda issues such as tax reform, building the wall, and repealing Obamacare is making his followers nervous.  But the last week he has notched some victories, and maybe the tide is turning in his favor regarding his battles with the American media.


No one benefits from the resistance to Trump.  Democracy requires action – and the proper way to resist Trump is through votes in Congress and the ballot box.  The media continues to prevent the administration from moving forward with its agenda, but perhaps that may be changing soon.


Markets often move based on American politics, and now would be a good time to take advantage of your earnings and place them with an investment vehicle that is safe, simple, and earning a reasonable rate of return.  Call NOW! 877-912-1919