Star Wars? Star Trek? No – Future Tech … The Sci-Fi Race We Need to Win

Star Wars? Star Trek? No – Future Tech … The Sci-Fi Race We Need to Win

Despite geopolitical conflict abroad, and the right/left political turmoil at home, we live in an amazing time to be alive.  The advances in technology making our lives easier and the world better are growing at an exponential rate each day.

This technology can have a positive or negative impact based upon their use.  Video games morphing into virtual reality can affect our children greatly – but adults control the on and off switch.  Media giants can make shopping, retail interaction, and access to information easier and more efficient, but they can also be used to spy on us.  Much of the advances in our daily lives over the centuries have had a profound impact … the “Industrial Revolution” changed our way of life through automation, the use of steel, electricity, and the advancement of our standard of living. The “Information Age” did much of the same – the microchip helped businesses become more efficient, and households could automate their own lives with the personal computer.

The jury is still out, however, on the new era that we are living in.  The TechCrunch blog calls it the “Experience Age”. Everything is being “experienced” through touch screens, virtual reality, and network connectivity.  While the standard of living leap-frogged through the Industrial and Information Revolutions, you can’t really eat, house, or clothe yourself with the Facebook app.  Will society benefit through the next wave of technological advances?

Regardless of their application to do good or evil, tech will continue to advance.

This week we are looking at the top 5 areas of Future Tech inventions the US needs to win to ensure the benefits to our standard of living, and the American way of life.

Top 5 Future Tech Inventions America Must Develop and Bring to Market Before Anyone Else:

5. Driverless trucks. Before the market is flooded with driverless cars, and the public begins to get used to the idea, prepare for the road-ways to be filled with driverless trucks.  It will be cheaper and more cost effective for companies who need delivery systems and logistics to deliver product to market using the driverless vehicle.  Truck drivers may be going the way of the blacksmith in short order.  The Japanese lead on the technology development but the US is catching up.

4. Space Drones. NASA has initiated contracts with private designers to develop space drones that can operate in a zero-g environment.  From satellite repair to satellite delivery, the commercial applications would be enormous.  The Pentagon will take a keen interest as well.  America does not appear to have commercial competition in this field, but Russia and China have invested heavily in high altitude and satellite warfare.

3. Artificial Intelligence. Facebook constructed two robots and tested the design by allowing them to communicate with one another using a computer code that somewhat resembled the English language.  The two were asked to trade and barter over several items – a hat, some books, and some clothing. Instead, they developed their own language in a matter of minutes and began speaking with one another in a language no one else understood!  The worst nightmares of a Battlestar Galactica episode???  The Japanese have advanced artificial intelligence programs, and thankfully, remain an ally.  China is not far behind.  The US was the leader in the development of AI and enjoyed wide dominance in this field … until the last few years.

2. Passcodes based upon brain waves. Access to your computer, entry to a home, being able to start a car … all and more could use the patterns found in brain waves.  Scientists at Binghamton University in New York have developed “neuro-scanners” that can identify people’s brain waves with a simple scan of the forehead … scariest parts of the Bible anyone?

1. 5G Technology. 5G is listed number one for a reason.  We are currently number three in 5G development, behind South Korea and China.  America’s invention, leadership, and domination of 3rd and 4th generation wireless networks in the last decade added over 4 million jobs and $400+ billion to our GDP.  This new advancement in wireless uses hundreds of microsites to relay data, and digital content transfers at speeds 100 times that of 4G technology.  4G tech uses old school cell towers, sending data up to satellites and then relaying them to your digital device.  Despite the advancement of the technology thanks to US leadership, foreign governments, specifically China, do not have regulatory obstacles preventing the construction of 5G microsites.  In other words, big government, again, is hindering US leadership in the field.  With significant zoning and legal delays that stand in the way of the construction of these immersive “hot spots”, US investors so far have been unwilling in many cases to fund an unknown return on their investment.  Communist China has no such obstacles.

5G represents everything in the digital future:  from “…immersive virtual reality platforms, sophisticated health applications, Smart Cities, Internet of Things (IoT) technology.…”  and much more.  The first country to the 5G finish line will add over $1.5 trillion to overall GDP. Some estimates have the job numbers at over 3 million.  More importantly, the ability to control the battle space will belong to who controls 5G tech, it is imperative the United States prioritize the development and application of this technology.

Future tech is not really in the future – it is here NOW!  And whoever comes up with the next generation of technological innovations – and successfully brings them to market – will dominate the commercial space for decades to come.  In terms of national security, the stakes are even that much higher.

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