Trump Should Have Vetoed the Omnibus Budget Bill

Trump Should Have Vetoed the Omnibus Budget Bill

The President’s signing of the 2018 omnibus spending bill is a stain on his otherwise stellar record. This is in many respects a betrayal of the Republican Party’s voter base.  The party of “so-called” fiscal responsibility may have just committed the worst act of wasteful spending in a generation.

Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky has become the leading spokesperson for the few remaining fiscal hawks within the conservative wing of the Party.  His YouTube video offered a line-by-line reference to the waste found in the omnibus bill, and accurately describing it as a betrayal of fiscal conservatism and the voters who sent Republicans to Washington.  He joked about a very serious matter:  we are paying for a wall to be built in Jordan and Tunisia to stop the flow of illegals, but not Trump’s wall on the border with Mexico.  You could not make this up if you tried.

A bill so full of pork spending and swamp-level deficits provides too many unnecessary spending items to count.  But we have assembled our top ten worst wasteful projects for our taxpayer dollars.


  1. Japanese Quail Study – $350,000.00 to fund injecting cocaine into Japanese quail to learn if it increases their sexual activity … our money (tax dollars) well spent.


  1. $218 million for “Promoting Democracy Development in Europe.” Yes, that Europe, which rarely agrees with us, almost always argues with us, and where democracy was started in the first place.  Our defense commitment is enough to let them pay for socialized medicine, let them pay for their own democracy promotion.


  1. $500 million for Planned Parenthood. It is illegal for tax dollars to fund abortion.  Planned Parenthood performs abortion with this money.  They say don’t, but money is fungible … in fact they do.


  1. $15 million in developmental assistance to China. You read that correctly – the world’s 2nd largest economy and a potential enemy is receiving grant money from the US – and that is not made up.


  1. $500+ million funding – not for our wall! The defense department is authorized to build walls in Tunisia, Jordan and Egypt to keep illegals out, but not a wall to protect Americans from criminals and terrorists.


  1. $2 billion+ … or more … Funding for sanctuary cities. This includes federal benefits to illegal immigrants.


  1. $1.6 billion to relocate refugees into the United States. Are you serious?  How much do you think it is going to cost to care for all these people once we have them here?  (Didn’t Donald Trump campaign against this?)  What the heck is going on?


  1. $1.7 billion to maintain empty federal buildings. There are 770,000 empty buildings around the world owned by the federal government that are being maintained by the taxpayer.  Here is a novel idea – sell them.


  1. $2 billion+ to fund Obama Stimulus Bill shovel-ready projects.   Seriously?  Funding a grants program from the Obama Stimulus Bill which has not produced substantial numbers of new roads, new bridges, and has only provided money to speculative green energy projects, it is a classic pork barrel waste of taxpayer dollars. (Can anyone show us a completed road or project … we don’t think so).


  1. $1.4 billion to fund Apple and others. Import-Export Bank is funded again.  Taxpayers loaning money to multi-national corporations like Apple to help them import iPhones and sell them to us for $1,000 a piece (Apple says that’s not the case – but if not, where did the $1.4 billion go … who’s steering the ship?).


There are other high value wasteful line-items, but these were our current top ten.  Please respond with your Top Ten!

Your government, that is $20 trillion in debt and who grows in size and malignancy every day, just got worse. And electing Republicans and Trump did not even slow it down.  That creates fiscal danger. There is no better reason to have your own personal money protected from those market swings. Give us a call today at 877-912-1919.

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