State of the Union – A Speech that Unites

State of the Union – A Speech that Unites

This is our New American Moment. President Trump’s first inaugural address was a rousing exclamation point of the first year of accomplishments.  Stock market highs … soaring economy … it was the president at his best.

Polling done by CBS News right after the speech – not usually the most supportive of networks – found that 75% of the public agreed with and approved of the President’s message.

What was striking was the Democratic response – largely panned as either “stone-faced,” “prune-faced,” or “sitting on their hands.”  While both political parties over the years have not always provided a positive response when they disagree on policy – either providing tepid clapping when the other side gives a standing ovation, or in most cases not clapping at all – it is quite rare to see a party not applaud or acknowledge American success or personal loss when it is a non-policy issue that we all agree on – such as massive gains in income and employment, the flag, the anthem, patriotism, our veterans, or those who have suffered a loss.  The images of politicians not clapping for mothers who lost loved ones to gang members, for example, was unprecedented.

 I. Quick list of unifying issues the Democrats did not applaud or acknowledge  instead they “sat on their hands.”

  1. Trillions of dollars of wealth created in the last 12 months.
  2. Black unemployment the lowest in history. This was going down under President Obama as well.  The issue being it is now the LOWEST in HISTORY, and hiring in the black community ACCELERATED after Trump commenced his deregulation efforts … how do we all not agree on that one?
  3. Recognizing our veterans”: You cannot sink any lower than not clapping for veterans.
  4. Mother’s whose children were killed by MS-13 gang members.   Whatever you support in current immigration policy, or your preferences regarding immigration, not acknowledging the grief and loss of a child is a new low.

 II. Top policy issues President Trump listed in the State of the Union.

  1. Government serves the people … not the other way around. Trump rightly recognized that he had ended the “War on Energy” the government had waged the last 8 years.  He touted his signing into law the “VA Accountability Act” which will aid veterans with across-the-board changes to the VA.  While his “America First” trade policies have many concerned of trade wars and economic conflict, his Tax Reform Act has already returned billions to workers and created a pathway for companies to repatriate overseas cash.
  2. There has never been a better time to start living the American dream. The Tax Reform Act has put your money back into your pocket, and the pro-business environment has helped the stock market accelerate without money printing and quantitative easing.  That has increased your 401K by over 40% in the last year.  As columnist Caitlyn Huey Burns commented: “…He name-checked some specifics of the bill, including the doubling of the standard deduction and the increase of the child tax credit; pointed out some of the corporations that have been citing the tax changes in handing out wage increases or bonuses; and mentioned that most Americans would likely see increased take-home pay next month.”
  3. The President outlined a $1.5 billion infrastructure plan. While many Republicans are rightly concerned about the deficit-inducing nature of the project, there is no doubt the country has stressed and fragile infrastructure systems that could use an infusion of repair and expansion.  Some conservatives believe with toll road funding and tariff revenue we could see very little impact on the fiscal bottom line.  Either way, the populist idea has wide appeal in the rust belt.
  4. Immigration is a winning issue. Democrats constantly cite polls showing U.S. voters don’t want a wall, and they want the Dreamers to stay……the same polling outlets that predicted universally a land-slide Clinton win.  There are few, if any, respondents when asked the question – “can a country be a country if they do not have a border” – who say yes, we can still be a country.  The vast majority of voters understand that both parties’ elites benefit from illegal immigration, and that one-party benefits from illegal immigrant voting, and none of those “elites” represent the interests of the common man or woman on main street.  Trump offered a compromise, which is a winning ticket with the majority of Americans … a wall, border enforcement, and you get DACA.  Only a fool would pass that up … “Americans are dreamers too.”
  5. America First in Foreign Policy. ISIS nearly wiped from the map … more troops to Afghanistan … confronting the North Korean menace … reassuring allies in the Middle East abandoned and abused by the previous Administration……Iran is on notice and the nuclear deal is at risk of being terminated … even the Russians have been unhappy with our actions in Syria … many feared and continue to repeat the refrain that Trump would abandon NATO and leave everyone holding the bag.  Instead, he has sided with our friends, threatened our enemies, and the only bag being held is ours – meaning we are getting NATO partners to contribute more to their own defense.  A lot remains to be done, but foreign policy is another area where Trump is succeeding with his “Make America Great Again.”

America is back!!!  A pro-business President who is confident of, and fights for, American culture and American values is leading from the White House (no longer leading from behind).  Some of the opposite party could find nothing to support even with wages, the stock market, and the economy soaring … that is a shameful position to take.

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