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Ty Young Appears on Fox Business’ Risk & Reward

Ty Young joins Risk & Reward host, Liz MacDonald and President of Lido Isle Advisors, Jason Rotman to discuss Apple’s earnings and Venezuelan opposition.



Apple’s supplier FoxConn, who makes the iPhones, just unveiled its new plan to build a $10 billion factory in Wisconsin. They produce those LCD panels there. That’s potentially 30,000 jobs.

Remember when President Obama said Donald Trump wouldn’t bring back manufacturing jobs?

“How exactly are you going to do that? What are you going to do?”, stated President Obama “There’s no answer to it,” he said.

Apple’s earnings at $261 billion that could add 50 points to the DOW tomorrow (8/2).


Switching gears … Young, Rotman, and MacDonald discuss the collapse of socialism in Venezuela. Intelligence agents arrest opposition leaders in midnight raids at gunpoint from their homes.

Bernie Sanders, our own socialist in the USA, still refuses to acknowledge the socialist nightmare in Venezuela. Yet he states he needs to know more about socialism in South America.

Young points out the impact of the socialism failure in Venezuela with people rioting because they are starving. It’s a sad situation.

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