Top 10 Reasons Why it is “Morning in America” Again

Top 10 Reasons Why it is “Morning in America” Again
Ty J. Young Editorial

The classic Reagan refrain from the 1984 Presidential race, it’s “Morning in America”, is considered one of the most eloquent and effective campaign advertisements in electoral history. After the ’84 election, the advertisement proved true, and it truly was “Morning in America!”

The question for the country today is: Can the Trump administration usher in another “Morning in America?”

The answer is an emphatic yes! It won’t be easy. The media was, and remains, working on over-drive to defeat him. Far-left radicals are creating carnage and chaos throughout the country, becoming more bold and dangerous with each passing protest. Trump can also be his own worst enemy, with verbal gaffes and a thin skin.

But the agenda he has put forward, updated for the modern era we live in, resembles the best ideas and policies that once made us great, and can do so again.

Top 10 Reasons Why it is “Morning in America” Again:

1. Across the board tax cuts. Flatter personal tax rates, which will reduce the number of tax brackets will provide the country with a free market stimulus to the economy. Tax reduction and simplification has the added benefit of increasing revenue to the government. We have said many times that when John F. Kennedy cut taxes the economy grew and tax revenue increased; when Reagan cut taxes the economy grew and tax revenue increased; when Bush 43 cut taxes the economy grew and tax revenue increased. It has worked every single time.

2. Cutting the corporate tax rate. Currently one of the highest in the world, reducing the corporate tax rate, along with other actions such as repatriating cash held abroad by U.S. companies, will help stimulate business expansion and investment. That means more jobs, higher wages, and a stock price based more upon business performance than government intervention.
3. Across the board deregulation. Dodd-Frank? On the chopping block. EPA rules and regulations? Ready for the dustbin. Executive orders implemented with a pen and phone? To be erased from history. Small and large businessmen will tell you that even more than tax reform, regulations have stymied business start-ups, business growth, and business expansion. Compliance with Obama era rules and regulations are calculated at a best-case scenario of $100 billion annually… most analysts think it is even higher. The lost business from the requirement to comply probably reaches a half a trillion per annum. Removing burdensome government intervention is high on the list for the Trump administration.

4. Repeal and Replace Obamacare. The media’s and the left’s incessant screams of taking insurance away from millions of people is a charade to protect a law whose main purpose was greater government control over our lives. A) Obamacare premiums have risen for 74% of all plans and the average increase is 26%; B) 90% of the insurers in the exchanges are now operating at a loss; C) The 20 million that the government and media say now have insurance and previously did not, is factually untrue. 1. Twelve million people were added to Medicaid who were already eligible for it, but had not enrolled. The remaining 8 million are an unprovable number, since the government leaves them on the rolls even if they have stopped paying after enrollment! Over 10 million LOST their coverage due to Obamacare. The stories of corruption and government mismanagement are legion. It impacts religious entities because of mandates for birth control and abortion. It has been an epic disaster. Yes, you will see stories of someone who lost their insurance, and possibly someone with some horrific disease. It is sad and will be tragic. But Obamacare does not work, and we cannot afford it. It is time to return the market, and individual choice, to healthcare.

5. Immigration reform: build the wall. Stopping illegal immigration, starting with his quintessential campaign promise to “build a wall,” is critical to ensure the safety and security of the United States citizens. The wall will be a huge infrastructure project, and yes, Mexico will pay for it, most likely through a tax on remittances back home.

6. Extreme vetting of migrants from the Middle East. You cannot determine if someone is a terrorist, or could be a terrorist, if they are coming from a war-torn region. Especially, since by definition the region does not have functioning government entity to background check the departing migrant. Jimmy Carter banned admission to the U.S. of Iranian citizens from 1979-80. Obama himself banned all immigrants from Iraq from 2009-2011. Those who argue you cannot halt immigration into your country, for the safety and security of the citizens that are here, simply do not understand the law, and do not have the interests of the country at heart.

7. Re-building the military. Conducting global military operations non-stop in multiple theaters since 2001… equipment not replaced and cannibalized thanks to Obama-era budget cuts… social engineering through the ranks… Trump’s election comes with the promise to rebuild the military, expand our nuclear stockpile, increase the size of the Navy, and to support our wounded warriors with greater care through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. His election could not have come soon enough.
8. The Free Trade agenda becomes the Fair Trade Agenda. It is not “free trade” if one side can freely sell into your market, but you are not free to sell into theirs. The theory of free trade is that it does make everyone richer and more prosperous, but in practice both parties have to compete in a free market on equal footing. That exists within the United States, as businesses essentially operate with fairly established rules within the market, but it has not existed in trade deals with other countries. While Trump may have a hard time bringing back lost manufacturing, he will certainly re-frame the priorities in D.C. as to who the trade deals should benefit—not other countries, not crony capitalists, but American workers first.

9. Rebuilding our infrastructure. Like so much of the Obama era, government simply lied, and expected you not to notice. The “stimulus” package passed in 2009 was supposed to be a jobs bill. But as Obama stated off the cuff years later, there weren’t that many “shovel-ready projects.” That was not true, it was never meant to build major projects, he was simply funneling the stimulus money to unions, teachers, and health care supporters. The lack of shovel-ready projects also had a lot to do with the environmental lobby. But several projects are ready and waiting for leadership, and financing. They include: A) New rail tunnel between Jersey and New York, approximately $20 billion; B) Highway reconstruction, $50 billion; C) New highways such as from Phoenix to Vegas, $10 billion; D) Renovate and repair our subway systems, $50 billion; E) Expansion of Naval fleet, $100 billion. As a small government conservative, we are not necessarily in favor of large scale spending projects given the size of our national debt. But as a campaign promise, it can be done for one-fifth the cost of the Obama stimulus, and actually have something to show for it.

10. A pro-American message from the White House. Support for law and order? Check. Defeating our enemies? Check. End to political correctness? Check. Support for our friends? Check. On every level, the Trump administration seems poised to reverse the apology tours and global retreat of America’s strategic position. It may not be possible to recover lost ground, but we can certainly make sure we lose no more.

The Trump administration already faces a hostile press, uncompromising protest movement funded by anti-American groups, and a militant Democratic Party in Congress. The establishment of the Republican Party is only lukewarm in their support. But the Trump agenda is a Reaganesque agenda … “Morning in America” is here again!

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