Trump Wins! … Why? … What Now?

“Trump Wins! … Why? … What Now?”
Ty J. Young Editorial

One of the most shocking and exciting election outcomes in American history, perhaps world history, occurred in the early morning hours of November 9, 2016. Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in a bitter, long campaign for the American Presidency that sent shockwaves around the world. Trump’s election was a repudiation of the Obama years’ excesses, and a clear statement that the public was seeking change. It was not just Democrats who lost this election – Republican elites and the entire D.C. establishment was rejected by the American people. They were essentially saying: we are fed up with the failure of your policies. The consequences moving forward will be profound.

So, why did Trump win and what should we expect from the first 100 days of a Trump Administration?

I. Why Trump won:

1. His message was positive … make America great again! Fair trade, national sovereignty, strong dollar, pro-growth business plans, anti-political correctness … Trump was called a populist and a nationalist, but his policies were truly conservative. Those policies served as a rejection of the Obama era, and a return to reasonable and restrained national government.

2. Appealed to the American worker – like Reagan did. “Reagan Democrats” first identified in Michigan back in 1980 went strongly for Trump. They identified with the message, and intuitively understand that free trade did not always mean fair trade. Things may not change overnight, but they were looking for a voice to represent them, and they found it in Trump! Many leftists have been describing an impenetrable “blue” wall of states since the early 2000s, made up of the elites on the coasts, Midwest blue collar voters, young millennials, new Hispanic voters and minorities. Comically, no one ever stopped to consider the realignment they were describing would, in fact, drive these “groups” together – including the largest group, blue collar whites! Instead of a blue wall of states which are blue, consistently voting Democratic, the left has instead driven more states into the Republican column. The reliably blue Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and swing-blue states Ohio and North Carolina went solidly Republican, as the vote did realign … in favor of Republicans.

3. The American voter revolted against media bias. Every major media outlet was aligned against Trump. You did not need WikiLeaks to prove it – it was publicly self-evident. Every major pollster was wrong as well. The public rejected elite media telling them what to do, what to think, and what to say. It was a refreshing rebuke, and a uniquely American tradition … sticking it to the establishment!

4. His opponent was weak and damaged. She was weak in relating to the working person, and damaged because of corruption charges. She was never “likable enough” as Obama once quipped. She could not relate to the regular person. The publicly available evidence led most to conclude she was corrupt. Most Americans recoiled in horror at putting our national secrets on a server in the closet. She was being investigated, and the Clinton Foundation appears to remain under investigation. She called half of Trump’s voters “deplorable.” She always appeared insincere. Lastly, her policies were mostly rejected by the public. She was by far one of the poorest general election candidates a political party could ever pick.

II. What Trump will do in the first 100 days:

1. Kickstart the economy. Tax reform … fair trade … cutting government spending … increase spending on infrastructure and defense … and most importantly – DEREGULATION! The end of Obamacare, combined with rescinding regulations on finance, banking, industry, energy, and getting government out of the marketplace will unleash small and medium-sized businesses to hire, spend and expand! This will be a pro-growth agenda that we have not seen since the Reagan era.

2. Repeal Obamacare. This one is easy, predictable and promised. The law was passed through reconciliation, with no Republican input, and has been a colossal failure. You do not have to be Republican or Democrat to be able to do first grade math. Obamacare was a disaster well before Nancy Pelosi said, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what’s in it.” In addition to Obamacare, we will see most, if not all, Obama executive orders rescinded.

3. Nominate a Supreme Court justice. So many issues, so little time. Keeping the Supreme Court from turning permanently progressive for the next 40 years was about as important of an outcome as any other. Regardless of who you were for, the Court should be grounded in the Constitution. Activists selected by Hillary would have been driven by ideology that does not sanctify original intent. Second, Fourth or Fifth … you name the Constitutional amendment, and it was saved, for now, with the Trump election.

4. Build the Wall. Legislation will be introduced to build a wall. There are no details as to when it will start, nor how he will get the money back from Mexico. But this is a promise from day one of his campaign, and it will be one of the first actions he takes. Securing the border to ensure sovereignty, and safety was paramount to Trump and Trump voters. Muslim immigration will be slowed, and no large number of Syrians will be entering the country. The rule of law, in all aspects of society, will be reinforced.

There are the expected, less inspiring, responsibilities that may be forthcoming. They would include a special prosecutor for the email scandal, the ongoing Clinton Foundation scandals, and possibly in the never-closed IRS scandal. Clearing out the political hacks in the Justice Department and the FBI. The tasks facing the country to right the ship of state may not be completed during a Trump administration. At least, at this point, we can all begin anew with the task of “Making America Great Again!”

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FBI Director Comey, Clinton Emails, Presidential Election … Oh My!

“FBI Director Comey, Clinton Emails, Anthony Weiner, Presidential Election… Oh My!”
Ty J. Young Editorial

The 2016 Presidential Election is one week away, and another headline has rocked the political world. FBI Director, James Comey, announced the closing of the Hillary Clinton email investigation in July 2016. The case he said “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring charges against has suddenly been re-opened. In a letter to Congress committee chairmen, Comey announced the FBI has found new information regarding the Clinton emails and he is re-opening the investigation. While investigating disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner, the FBI recovered a laptop with over 650,000 emails possibly linked to the Clinton “home brew” email server.

This is a political bombshell. It has rocked both campaigns and left the voters even more dismayed during this election season. More importantly, this reminds the public once again of the corruption in politics and the dangers of bringing another Clinton into the White House.

I. Clinton’s Argument to Defend Herself:

1. Attack FBI Director Comey. The Clinton Campaign loved Comey just a few months ago. “Honest,” “Upright,” “Honorable,” and “Law-Abiding” were some of the adjectives used to describe him in July. Now, the Clinton playbook has shifted. Her campaign and its surrogates are now calling him a “coward” for caving to Republican political pressure; some are even calling for his resignation. Clinton herself questioned the timing of his decision and has repeatedly said on the campaign trail, “There is no case here.” The White House, at this stage, offered a restrained critique of Comey while stating on the record “He is a man of integrity,” undercutting Clinton’s campaign argument.

2. Attack Trump as a misogynist. Hoping to coast through election day, Clinton has now pivoted back to attacking Donald Trump in the hopes of driving up his negatives. The easy targets are the allegations of misogyny and how Trump treats women.

3. Attack the Trump Foundation. Clinton has attacked Trump’s foundation by claiming it too is under investigation. There is no evidence that the Trump Foundation gives less than what public records indicate, and even if so, it would not represent something illegal. Furthermore, she will point out the FBI is also investigating his campaign’s ties to Russia. The problem for Clinton is this also has proven to be not true, as reported by the New York Times on Halloween.

II. Trump’s Argument That Clinton’s Scandals Disqualify Her:

1. Comey has re-opened the investigation – chance to get it right this time. Trump stated in a rally on Saturday, “Hillary Clinton’s corruption is corrosive to the soul of our nation and it must be stopped.” Hillary’s use of a private server, and the access foreign enemies may have gained to our nation’s secrets, is breathtaking in its scope. The newly discovered emails came from a separate investigation, and it remains to be seen what those emails contain. What we have learned so-far is that a warrant was obtained to investigate the laptop and over 650,000 emails have been discovered. This includes thousands to and from the private, “home brew” Clinton email server. The laptop was discovered during the tawdry investigation of Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin’s estranged husband. Abedin is the closest personal aide to Hillary Clinton. Weiner, of course, is the disgraced former Congressman under FBI investigation for sending inappropriate texts to an underage girl. If national politics could not sink even lower, it is possible that national security secrets were saved onto the hard drive of a laptop being used for criminal personal actions.

2. Clinton has sold out America for money and power with ‘Pay to Play.’ The re-opening of the FBI investigation has reminded American voters that the Clintons have essentially sold America’s secrets, assets, and interests for their own personal gain and profit. This system of paying the Clintons for access to the State Department and other positions of American power is what is called “Pay for Play.” It has taken graft and corruption to an entirely new level in politics. While the laptop discovered during the Weiner investigation may only show communication to and from Clinton’s aide, it will do nothing to lessen the public perception that the Clinton machine sold out American interests.

3. This is bigger than Watergate. Is it Benghazi? A “home brew” server? Putting classified emails on unsecured networks? Is it the uranium assets sold to the Russians? Is it the proven lies? Is it the $12 million gift from Morocco? Is it the destruction of evidence? Is it the Justice Department’s being complicit? This is, by comparison, a much more horrifying political scandal than Watergate ever was. Watergate was a separate entity in the White House designed to plug the leaks of national security secrets during a time of war (Vietnam). The cover-up involved the President of the United States. The Justice Department lawyers resigned rather than obstruct justice. Republicans voted with Democrats for the sake of the country in making sure the crimes were investigated. Those obstructing justice went to jail. By comparison, during the Clinton scandals the FBI has helped her aides destroy evidence with hammers. Is this what the country wants the next 4 years?

As Trump has joked, “650,000 emails, no wonder the government doesn’t get anything done.”

The money guys on Wall Street drove the value of the peso down significantly over the last few days, suggesting a spike in the probability of a Trump victory. Betting books are now giving him a 3:1 chance, which is significantly better than the 10:1 odds of a few weeks ago.

The public has heard constant calls for how democracy is at risk with a Trump victory. Really? An amoral personal history and a sense of vulgarity is nothing compared to the Department of Justice being politicized and delegitimized in front of the American people. If the legal system has been corrupted, then no one is safe, including you and me.

This is the last blog from us prior to the election. Most of us cannot wait until it is over, and we are hopeful to never endure such an election again. But Trump’s claims that the system is rigged feels more and more real every day. We should all simply pray for divine blessing on our country once again.

As Trump said, “Haven’t we had enough drama with the Clintons?”

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