Brexit was a Vote for Freedom!

“Brexit was a Vote for Freedom!”
Ty J. Young Editorial

The elites, pundits and media were shocked on June 24 as Britain voted to exit the European Union (“Brexit”). It seemed beyond their ability to understand that (A) people were tired of being told what to do by unelected bureaucrats; and (B) they would thumb their nose at more and more government.

What are “elites?” The people in charge of things – many elected officials, agencies with appointed leaders who make rules and regulations, and the rich and powerful across large sectors of the economy, but typically in high finance, education, health care and media. They liked telling you what to do, and the British decided they had had enough.

There are plenty of examples of burdensome and unnecessary European Union (EU) oversight – for one, driven by its aggressive leftist climate agenda, the EU outlawed the electric teapots the English have relied upon for generations to produce their daily fix of Earl Grey and toast. A few more include:
• They determined the size and curvature of a banana.
• Eggs are not allowed to be sold by the dozen.
• People are not allowed to drive more than 30 minutes at a time without taking a break.

These examples of insanity do not even begin to touch the surface.

The British survived on their own for 1900+ years and managed to run a global empire before the EU; it is most probable they will survive. Read below to learn what the Brexit vote means and what it could mean for your money.
I. What is the Big Picture View Regarding “Brexit?”

1. It was a vote for freedom … it was a vote for sovereignty. The Brexit vote was good for the British … it was, in essence, their vote for independence! It certainly can be seen as a vote of no-confidence in socialism … socialism lost. It also was largely driven by wanting to control their own borders, and prevent the ongoing massive influx of illegal immigrants.

2. The Brits, NOT bureaucrats in Brussels, will regain the right to make their own rules on immigration and their borders. Controlling migration into the country and how you will defend your borders are fundamental rights of any nation state.

3. Brexit was a rebuke of the …
A) Establishment
B) Elites
C) Globalists
D) George Soros
E) AND – Obama and Hillary.

4. It can be seen as a victory for Trump. Nowhere does the PUBLIC want uncontrolled immigration … NOWHERE! The public certainly does not want unelected, unaccountable elites telling them how to live their lives. In that respect, this plays directly into Trump’s campaign plans – “We’ve let ‘those’ people have too much power, and they have screwed everything up!”

5. Could just be the beginning of the end for the EU.
• 90% of the population wants out in Denmark
• 71% (unsurprising) in Greece
• 61% in France
• 49% vs. 47% want out in Spain
• A statistical tie in Germany, the heart and home of the EU’s support

There is a global movement of people sick of governments telling them how to live their lives. Illegal immigration and the refugee crisis was seemingly the spark that has led to a full-scale revolt.

II. What will Brexit do to Markets?

1. Short-term.
A) Additional strengthening of the U.S. dollar
B) Slow Federal Reserve interest rate hikes,
C) Uncertainty will actually drive people to safe havens
D) That means gold, treasuries, structured products

2. Long term – markets go up and down, but we are due for a correction. Uncertainty causes volatility and we are due for a correction. Investors may see this as the time to get out before the correction starts, and that, of course, could cause the market to fall even further.

Some analysts wedded to the stock market have suggested this was not a vote for freedom, that this was a vote against capitalism. Their argument is made with statements like “… Capitalists are in favor of free markets and the free movement of labor, and for that reason this vote is against capitalism.” Yes, IF a market is free, THEN a capitalist would support it. Telling someone how curved a banana should be is not a FREE market. The free movement of labor is a capitalist objective if the free movement of labor is LEGAL. Also, a capitalist is in favor of the rule of law, with the consent of the governed. The EU does not have the consent of the governed.

Lastly – voting to set yourself free from unelected bureaucrats telling you how to sell a dozen eggs is CLEARLY a vote against socialism!

Having your money tied to the stock market is simply not a safe decision with the volatile environment that has existed since 2009. Finding products that allow you to benefit from the gains in the market, while not enduring the losses, should be a high priority given the events of last week. Yes, markets go up and down … but wouldn’t you rather enjoy the up without the down? To learn how to go up with the market, lock in your gains and not lose when the stock market goes down, call us at 877-912-1919.


Proposed Gun Control Bills Do Not Solve the Terrorism Problem

“Proposed Gun Control Bills Do Not Solve the Terrorism Problem”
Ty J. Young Editorial

No proposed gun control legislation, on the Democratic or Republican side, would have stopped the attacks in Aurora, Newtown, Brussels, Paris, San Bernardino, Boston, or Orlando – nor, for that matter, 9/11 itself. In the words of Rahm Emanuel, the former White House Chief of Staff under Obama, “… never let a crisis go to waste.” The President is using the crisis in Orlando to push anti-2nd amendment gun control legislation on the American people.

Gun control … redacting the pledges of allegiance to ISIS from official transcripts … saying you defeat terror with love. These are not the actions of serious people or a serious government. You fight the terrorists to defeat them. Attacking the 2nd amendment does not defeat terrorists. It limits the constitutional right of citizens to protect themselves.

I. Why does gun control not solve the terror problem?

1. Proposed bill restricts guns to those on the terror watch list – and you may be on it! What if the President of the United States, by Executive Order, lists the National Rifle Association (NRA) as a domestic terror group? Then law abiding citizens who were members could be prevented from purchasing a weapon, or worse, have their weapons confiscated. There is no committee, no agency … no one will confirm, on the record, how anyone is added to the terror watch list! The new gun control bill says any person on the terror watch list is precluded from purchasing a gun. That sounds great, on the surface. But who is making the decision as to who goes on the list and on what grounds?
2. There is no judicial review process to get you off the list. Just as scary as being on the list, is knowing you have no way to be taken OFF the list. It is a national security issue, and the public has few details on how the list works. Once on, you would not be able to call your congressman and receive the satisfaction of finding out how you were placed on the list, or how to be removed.

3. Government bureaucrats can decide you are a terrorist today, just by the group to which you belong. Christian, NRA, vote Republican, post conservative articles on social media … doesn’t matter. The IRS has already targeted conservative groups, so how are you to prevent that you, personally, or the group to which you belong to, will not be targeted by the government? The government has already targeted conservatives; Homeland Security has written reports saying right wing groups are more dangerous than terrorists! Who is to say the current government or future Clinton Administration will not label your church or your NRA membership as a domestic terror group. When that happens – say goodbye to your weapon(s).

II. What are real solutions that can solve the terror problem?

1. Kill ISIS over there. Most serious foreign policy analysts believe in the old George Bush doctrine at the start of the War on Terror: we should fight them over there so we will not have to fight them over here. So far, our current government has: withdrawn from Iraq after our hard-fought victory, essentially left Afghanistan to the Taliban, opened up a can of misery in Libya at the direction of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, sided with the Islamic extremist group the Muslim Brotherhood during the Arab Spring in Egypt, drawn “red lines” in Syria and then, once they were crossed, did nothing – further embarrassing our country and undermining our credibility … and all of that just touches the surface of neglect and decline under Obama’s foreign policy. Bomb the enemy until they are gone, or they surrender. That is a real, tangible solution which can protect Americans (yes, Orlando was executed by an American citizen – but he was radicalized and impressed by the global ideology coming from ISIS).

2. Cut off their communication. While the Obama administration surrendered our control over the Internet, we still retain sizable World Wide Web assets which can be deployed against the murderous ideology of the terrorists. We should not be hesitant in cutting off their ability to communicate with the world. You will not reverse all of their online presence – but you can do a lot.

3. Cut off their access to money. All financial transactions pass through or are regulated by entities which we control or have influence over. We can limit their access to the global banking system, AND we can bomb their oil supplies and access to the outside world. Put a ring around it, surround it, kill it.

Gun control simply prevents law abiding American citizens from their God-given right to bear arms; it has little to no capability of stopping terrorism.

Republican Senator John Cornyn from Texas proposed the primary bill that would have restricted gun access to anyone on the terror watch list – but his bill would have simply given a 3-day waiting period if you are on the list. The Democrats wanted a complete ban of any firearm being sold to someone on the list. The bill failed in the Senate this week. Although an author of the bill, even Senator Cornyn commented from the Senate floor:

“We ought to be asking ourselves if there are those in this chamber and this body who believe you can deny American citizens their constitutional rights without due process of law based on a secret list that the government maintains,” he said, later questioning whether lawmakers would use the same justification to limit other freedoms. “This is really surreal to me.”

What should be easy-to-agree-upon new laws which would restrict terrorists from buying high-profile weaponry is not as simple in the era of government intervention and assault on our constitutionally protected freedoms. We have already experienced a vast expansion of government into our lives; restrictions on 2nd Amendment freedoms will not prevent terrorism or terrorists from getting access to guns – but it does limit your rights and freedoms under the Constitution.

The right to bear arms is how we protect freedom. The 2nd Amendment should be absolute, and you are empowered with the vote – make sure to cast it for those who will protect your God-given freedoms!

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Leadership in the Age of Terror

“ Leadership in the Age of Terror ”
Ty J. Young Editorial

Another major terror attack on U.S. soil – this time in Orlando, Florida at a nightclub called Pulse. The ISIS-inspired terrorist was shouting allah akbar as he fired his weapon. He claimed he was committing the act of terror in the name of ISIS. He called 911 during the attack so he could credit ISIS … and, ISIS itself claimed responsibility. On social media, ISIS had been warning us they would target Florida. There is no question this was a terror attack on U.S. soil, and part of the ongoing war against global terror in the Age of Terror.

While many can argue the Orlando Nightclub terror attack was also a hate crime, as it targeted the homosexual community, that would be avoiding the true nature of our enemy. We are fighting a global terror ideology in the Age of Terror, and that ideology has been given new life under our current administration. This terrorist was just the most recent enemy assailant in our war with the jihadists.

This month our social media presence has been talking about real leaders – who they are and what they do. How our country has dealt with the terrorism issue during the Obama era provides some textbook lessons in leadership – some are lessons on how not to lead:

I. What Not to Do:

1) Be vague and misleading about the circumstances. “Overseas contingency operations” … ”Workplace violence” … the administration even authored a report that suggested right wing political groups are a greater threat to American public safety than terror groups (A grand total of 46 hate crimes have been committed since 2001 – 3 per year. In Orlando, 50 plus-or-minus were killed by a terrorist in one attack).

2) Show weakness. We have sent the signal that outside of a few random drone attacks, we are not serious about defeating terror groups, we will not identify the enemy, and we have withdrawn and continue to withdraw our forward positions around the globe. Whether it be Syrian red lines we do not enforce, or leaving Iraq to savages, or allowing Russia to enter the Middle East for the first time since we removed them in 1973, we have shown weakness throughout the world. Instead of fighting our enemies on their territory, we are fighting in our own neighborhoods. That is a strategy of defeat.

3) Abandon friends – support enemies. Let’s see – we stop providing verbal support for Israel, threaten to withdraw support from Israel, stop supporting Israel at the UN, abandon Mubarak of Egypt, renege on a deal with Gaddafi, leave Iraq in the hands of Iran … you cannot make this up. And how do we support enemies? Sign a nuclear deal with our sworn enemy of 36 years – Iran – that the President’s own staff suggested in the New York Times was a one-sided deal used to bolster the President’s legacy, not a deal that will protect Americans, and certainly a deal that abandons our ally Saudi Arabia. President Obama has single-handedly reversed all of America’s entire foreign policy of the last 70 years, and the result has been utter and sheer disaster, the scale of which is simply too great to comprehend.

4) Blame it on inanimate objects – guns or videos. The Orlando terror incident did not result in the President blaming radical Islam. The President did not remind us, as Bush had done, that we are in the midst of a long global struggle. The President blamed it on guns. As we all know – guns cannot fire themselves. Gun laws were strictest in Newtown, San Bernardino, and Paris. Yet, all 3 were subject to horrific violence from acts of terror. Benghazi? The email records reflect Clinton KNEW it was a terror attack in comments made to her daughter, yet STILL blamed it on a YouTube video the next day.

II. What Real Leaders Do:

1) Reply with force in-kind. Lone wolf terror plots are almost impossible to respond to with equal force since, by their nature, the one taking action is killed or commits suicide. But it starts with Bush 43’s philosophy to take the fight to the enemy. There are actions that can be taken, such as closing the borders to illegal immigrants, eradicating ISIS strongholds in Syria and Iraq, introducing anti-Islamic terror education courses in school, re-authorizing the original Patriot Act (which would have probably detained the Orlando shooter), and ordering U.S. companies like Twitter and Facebook to take down known terrorist social media sites (although having them up may be a tactical necessity – to know what they are doing). These actions and more send a signal to the enemy that we are going on the offensive. Since Bush won the Iraq War by 2011, most of the world was returning to peace and relative calm. Now, our enemies feel encouraged – they believe they have America on the run.

2) Unite the public. You cannot unite the public when you refuse to even identify what everyone knows is Islamic terror. You look ridiculous, and you appear untrustworthy. George W. Bush was able to rally the public behind common cause after 9/11 because he treated it for what it was – a terrorist attack on all Americans. Instead, Obama has blamed guns and Republicans, which helps DIVIDE America. Unity is required, and that means see number 3 below …

3) Identify the enemy. You cannot rally the American public when you mislead them as to who we are fighting. We are not fighting all religions. We are not fighting hate. We are not fighting extremists – which is a silly idea coming from non-serious people. We are waging a war against radical Islam. Political correctness has even robbed us of our ability to make moral judgments. The killer’s security company where he worked was aware of his terror-rants but refused to investigate him, fearing the claims of discrimination. First action item in any conflict is to identify who you are fighting. We are not fighting hate; we are fighting radical Islamists.

4) Take action. How many more Americans will be killed before we wake up? San Bernardino shooting, Boston Marathon bombing, now this attack. In all 3 cases the FBI had the enemy in the cross hairs and did … nothing. The Obama administration, aside from killing Bin Laden, has not done anything to help the cause of freedom and protect America. To the outside eye, it almost looks like it is on purpose. The government needs to take action to remove the bad guys from the playing field once they are identified as terror related. This is key in the Age of Terror.

As Stanford professor Victor David Hanson has written:

“… There is something deeply wrong with American immigration policy and the attitude of us, the lax host, to newcomers. In too many deadly cases, a generation of Muslims goes to great lengths to reach the United States only to raise an American-born or naturalized ungracious and unappreciative generation that apparently grows to hate the bounty and freedom of America to such a degree as to blow up, shoot, and maim innocent Americans. Immigration to the U.S., and citizenship itself, should be seen, again, as a privilege, not a right—and assimilation and integration, not multicultural separatism and ethnic and religious chauvinism, should be the goal of the host.”

The terror attack at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando was obviously devastating for family members and loved ones. It should also serve as yet another wake up call for all Americans. Like the Cold War, the Age of Terror will be a generational conflict. Deciding to ignore our responsibilities to protect ourselves and the world around us will not make the problem go away. ISIS is here. Do we have it in us to take up the fight?

A destabilized world should be a reminder of the daily risk of sudden, and catastrophic, loss, especially when America lacks leadership. For those who remember 2008, the same fears and risks are there for your money as well. Call 877-912-1919 now to talk to an advisor about protecting your principal from market loss, and getting your money protected. Hopefully the country learns the same, and soon.